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Advanced Instrumentation Lab updated and installed in our Nehru College of Pharmacy for Research Enhancement. This can be utilized by Faculty / Student for consultancy and research of all colleges.

Fluorimeter Image


Fluorimeter measures the fluorescence or light emitted by different fluorescing objects. Fluorescence occurs when light of specific wavelength hits and excites electrons in a sample, and the electrons in that sample instantly emit or fluoresce light of a different wavelength.

Uv-Vis-Spectrophotometer Image

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

UV-VIS spectrophotometer is an analytical instrument that measures the amount of ultraviolet (UV) and visible light that is absorbed by a sample. It is a widely used technique in chemistry, biochemistry, and other fields, to identify and quantify compounds in a variety of samples. UV-vis spectrophotometers work by passing a beam of light through the sample and measuring the amount of light that is absorbed at each wavelength. The amount of light absorbed is proportional to the concentration of the absorbing compound in the sample

Rotary-Vacuum-Evaporator Image

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

Rotary vacuum evaporators (rotovaps) are devices employed for removing solvents efficiently via the process of evaporation. The rotary evaporation process is one of the most widely used methods of solvent evaporation due to its optimal extraction and distillation performance.

Brookfield-Viscometer Image

Brookfield Viscometer

The Brookfield Viscometer measures fluid viscosity at given shear rates. Viscosity is a measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. The Viscometer is able to measure over a number of ranges since, for a given spring deflection, the actual viscosity is proportional to the spindle speed and is related to the spindle's size and shape.

Flame-Photometer Image

Flame Photometer

Flame photometer is an analytical instrument used in clinical laboratories for determining of sodium, potassium, lithium and calcium ions in body fluids. In the clinical analysis of sodium and potassium, the flame photometer gives, rapidly and accurately, numerous differential data for normal and pathological values.

Dissolution-Test-Apparatus Image

Dissolution Test Apparatus

Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus is an instrument for the determination of active drug ingredient in any pharmaceutical formulation – tablet or capsule as per USP, BP and IP specifications. This apparatus evaluates adequate bio-availability and provides necessary information to formulate in the development of therapeutically optimum dosage forms. This dissolution testing device plays an important role in product development, quality control and research.

Disintegration-Test-Apparatus Image

Disintegration Test Apparatus

Disintegration Tester is a solid state instrument designed for the accurate estimation of disintegration time of tablets as per IP/USP standards. The instrument is designed to test two batches of six tablets, simultaneously. The unit is extremely useful for pharmaceutical industries. It is used in quality control and R & D to determine compliance with the disintegration requirement of the tablet and capsule as per USP/BP/IP standards.

HPLC Image


High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), formerly referred to as high-pressure liquid chromatography, is a technique in analytical chemistry used to separate, identify, and quantify specific components in mixtures. The unit is extremely useful for pharmaceutical industries.

Nephelometer Image


Nephelometer is a dedicated standalone instrument that measures the intensity of scattered light. Transmitted light is not detected. The basic components of a nephelometer include a light source, light-scattering optics and a detector. The light source generates a beam that is directed through the sample.

Sonicator Image


Sonicator is an electronic instrument that carries out sonication. The application of sound energy to the sample of interest. The equipment exists in the form of an ultrasonic bath or an ultrasonic probe (or probe sonicator) converting electric energy to ultrasonic sound energy.

Onductivity-Meter Image

Onductivity Meter

Electrical Conductivity Meter (EC meter) measures the electrical conductivity in a solution. It has multiple applications in research and engineering, with common usage in hydroponics, aquaculture, aquaponics, and freshwater systems to monitor the amount of nutrients, salts or impurities in the water.

pH-METER Image

pH Meter

pH meter is an instrument used to measure hydrogen ion activity in solutions - in other words, this instrument measures acidity/alkalinity of a solution. The degree of hydrogen ion activity is ultimately expressed as pH level, which generally ranges from 1 to 14.

Colorimeter Image


Colorimeter is an instrument that compares the amount of light getting through a solution with the amount that can get through a sample of pure solvent. A colorimeter contains a photocell which is able to detect the amount of light passing through the solution under investigation.

KEMI_UV_stability_champer Image

KEMI UV Stability Chamber

KEMI UV Stability Chamber, with double walled, outer body made of MS Powder Coated and Inner Coat made of UV Stabilized polycarbonate sheet.

FT_IR_spectrophotometer Image

FT- IR Spectrophotometer

FT- IR is sophisticated analytical instrument used to identify and characterise the functional groups present in compounds for research of new and novel drugs in pharmaceutical sciences. Identification of organic molecules, conformational analysis, standardization of formulations and raw materials. Detection of impurities and degradation of compounds.

lyophiliser Image


Lyophiliser is a highly sensitive and sophisticated instrument used for profound research in biotechnological and biomedical studies, to preserve vaccines, blood samples, purification of compounds in minute quantity, low temperature studies as well as for crystallization of compounds.

TLC_sprayers Image

TLC Sprayers

TLC sprayer for chromatographic studies of herbal drugs.