Pharmacy Practice

Sl.No Project topic Name of guide
1 Comparative study of pneumonia with & without diabetes and it’s management Dr. Narmadha
2 Study of prevalence, risk factors and management of complications in pregnancy Dr. Narmadha
3 Prospective observational study on patients knowledge and need to improve awareness of complications of diabetes mellitus and assess treatment plan Dr. Sivakumar
4 Assessment of drug use pattern for infections during different trimesters of pregnancy and awareness regarding the prevention of infection Dr. Sivakumar


Sl.No Project topic Name of guide
1 Formulation and evaluation of Quercetin loaded Eudragit L 100 microsphere. Dr. K G Parthiban
2 Formulation and evaluation of Celecoxib microsphere. Dr. K G Parthiban
3 Formulation and evaluation of Oxiconazole nitrate Nano particle loaded topical gel for Anti-fungal therapy. Mr. Sreekanth
4 Formulation and evaluation of Silver Nano particles based Herbal shampoo from Aloe Vera against dandruff causing Malassezia SP Mr. Mahendran

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