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Nehru College of Pharmacy affiliated to the Kerala University of Health and Sciences and Pharmacy Council of India. Our proposed courses are B.Pharm, M.Pharm and Pharm.D in all specialisations, which shall suit the Pharmaceutical industry, Trade, Education and Research. In addition we train the students to attend TOEFL and IELTS examinations conducted by USA and UK Government respectively.

Nehru College of Pharmacy offering D. Pharm (approved by DME, Government of Kerala), B. Pharm, Pharm. D and M. Pharm Programmes, affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS) and approved by AICTE & Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi.

Curricular scheme of examinations and syllabus are prescribed by KUHS and PCI. Our proposed programmes are M. Pharm in all departments, which suit for Pharmaceutical Industry, Trade, Education and Research field. We train our students to attend TOFEL and IELTS examinations recognized by the USA and the UK Govts respectively

Moreover our students get valid certificated and fluency to speak and write any one of the world languages (Arabic, German, French etc.) through our language lab at the completion of their course.


(Duration : 4 Years | Intake : 100)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) is an under graduate course in the field of Pharmacy. This field mainly concerns with the preparation and dispensing of drugs and medicines. It is a course of 4 years duration. B.Pharm course will cover a syllabus including health care and biochemical science. The program covers practical experiments along with theory classes. The candidate with a degree in Pharmacy has a great career ahead. They are assured of good salary packages also. They can also go for their higher studies including Master's degree in Pharmacy, Master of Business Administration etc.

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(Duration : 6 Years | Intake : 30)

Pharm D. is a six year course providing intensive training in pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy services. The course will include five years of clinical and community-based theory with ward rounds and one year internship in hospitals. We have our own teaching hospital with good infrastructure focusing mainly on clinical aspects. Pharm D. students will work in coordination with doctors to care the patients. In the final year, the student will come out as a clinical pharmacist who will be an essential component of healthcare. Pharm D. graduates will study in detail about drugs for different diseases, will advise patients about dose, action, and side effects and has knowledge and skills of current diagnostic methods, treatment modalities, drug delivery system, therapeutics outcome, and pharmaco therapy to meet the rapid changes in the healthcare system.
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(Duration : 2 Years | Intake : 60)

Pharmacy education provides a good career for employment and also for own business. The pharmacy professionals can work both in central government, state government departments and in private industries, and in the government departments.
Pharmacy is a field in medicine which links health science with chemical science. Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) is an under graduate diploma programme in the medicinal field of Pharmacy which enables a candidate to know the basic concepts of pharmaceutical science. After the completion of D.Pharm course, the candidates become a registered pharmacist and have a huge career scope both in government as well as private organizations.

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(Duration : 2 Years | Pharmaceutics |Pharmacognosy | Pharmacy Practice)

M.Pharm or Master of Pharmacy is a postgraduate degree, which covers the preparation, dispensing, and proper consumption of drugs. M.Pharm graduates are much demanded in research operations in pharmaceutical industry. M.Pharm graduates are also preferred in production work in pharmaceutical industry and in pharmaceutical laboratories. The role of pharmacist in laboratories is to analyze the purity and strength of drugs manufactured.

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Pharmacy Practice

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