Advanced Scientific Research Lab

Advanced Instrumentation Lab updated and installed in our Nehru College of Pharmacy for Research Enhancement. This can be utilized by Faculty / Student for consultancy and research of all colleges.

KEMI UV Stability Chamber

KEMI UV Stability Chamber , with double walled , outer body made of MS Powder Coated and Inner Coat made of UV Stabilized polycarbonate sheet.

FT- IR Spectrophotometer

FT- IR is sophisticated analytical instrument used to identify and characterise the functional groups present in compounds for research of new and novel drugs in pharmaceutical sciences. Identification of organic molecules , conformational analysis , standardization of formulations and raw materials . Detection of impurities and degradation of compounds.


Lyophiliser is a highly sensitive and sophisticated instrument used for profound research in biotechnological and biomedical studies, to preserve vaccines, blood samples, purification of compounds in minute quantity, low temperature studies as well as for crystallization of compounds.

TLC Sprayers

TLC sprayer for chromatographic studies of herbal drugs.

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