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Late. P.K.Das

( Founder Chairman )

Late. P.K.Das, founder chairman of the ‘Nehru College of Education and Charitable Trust’, established in 1968, was a man of great vision, commitment, perseverance, dedication and devotion who pioneered revolutionary and innovative thoughts to revamp technical and professional education in the private sector. He was committed to the cause of the uneducated, the poor and social welfare; and undertook various initiatives such as extending support to the physically challenged, providing free education and medical treatment to the backward class, constituting over a thousand scholarships and awards for the needy children and donating homes for the homeless. The elegance of work culture and charisma instilled by the chairman still continues to vitalize the synchronized progress of the Nehru group of institutions, making it a prestigious center of learning and research. Let us all be blessed by the might of this great soul, who undoubtedly illuminates our path towards greater glory and success.